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The League......

Denfeld Junior Football League is a non-profit organization that offers a tackle football program for youth athletes in grades 3rd-8th in the Duluth & surrounding areas.  


 Our Mission......


The mission of the Denfeld Junior Football League is; to encourage personal growth and good character; to bring athletes closer together by practicing good sportsmanship with teammates and opponents; to teach athletes to be positive participants of their team, school, family, and circles of friends; and to keep the safety and welfare of the athletes first and free from the adult’s desires for winning.


Purpose of the Denfeld Junior Football League:

  • To teach the fundamentals of the game rules, tackling, blocking, running, kicking, catching and passing.

  • To teach sportsmanship, love of the game and discipline.

  • To teach players the skills of the game in the safest way possible.


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